Things I've built, or building, or want to build .....when I find the time.

10.368 GHz Receiver Pre-Amp

This is a project I did to improve my 10 GHz radio. 

It takes a common LNA for TVRO using a waveguide interface and converts it to a smaller LNA using SMA connectors. I wrote this for the 2010 Microwave Update (MUD) conference held in Cerritos,California

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10 GHz LNA

100 Watts of LDMOS on 1296 MHz  should do the trick!


The Rolling Hills Radio Club Repeater


The Rolling Hills Radio Clubs prime focus is operating the repeater. Besides everyday use for normal repeater stuff  it's also used to support RACES and the community. It took me the better part of a year but the K6RH repeater was placed into service in 2006. I learned a lot and had fun despite some of the challanges. You can check out more about the club and repeater at :

I've been using repeaters since 1967 when I would  get on and QSO with all my friends on the K6MYK and WA6TDD repeaters using my Heathkit Twoer. Two meter AM repeaters were very popular in Los Angeles in the late 60's I also helped to build and operate the WB6UPB AM repeater which operated from the Miraleste area of Palos Verdes,California.


445.300 MHz, PL127.9 Hz            1287.9250 MHz, PL127.9 Hz

                           The new 24 GHz radio. I know. It's not pretty.                              Looks like it all fits in the box.                                                




IT WORKS!!!!    The Finished Product

                                                        Listening to the K6QPV Beacon in San Diego (January 2006)